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PGA Tour Faces Lawsuit Over LIV Golf Defections, Alleged Antitrust Violations

The PGA Tour is facing a lawsuit filed by a group of players who defected to LIV Golf, alleging antitrust violations and unfair business practices. The lawsuit, filed in federal court, claims that the PGA Tour has engaged in anticompetitive conduct to prevent players from joining LIV Golf.

Lawsuit Filed by LIV Golf Players

The lawsuit was filed by a group of 11 players, including Phil Mickelson and Bryson DeChambeau, who joined LIV Golf earlier this year. The players claim that the PGA Tour has violated antitrust laws by threatening to punish players who join LIV Golf and by refusing to grant releases for players to compete in LIV Golf events.

Allegations of Antitrust Violations and Unfair Business Practices

The lawsuit alleges that the PGA Tour has engaged in a pattern of anticompetitive conduct, including:

  • Threatening to punish players who join LIV Golf
  • Refusing to grant releases for players to compete in LIV Golf events
  • Entering into agreements with sponsors and vendors to exclude LIV Golf players
  • Engaging in a smear campaign to discredit LIV Golf and its players

PGA Tour’s Response to the Lawsuit

The PGA Tour has responded to the lawsuit, calling it “meritless” and “an attempt to avoid the consequences of their own decisions.” The tour has also filed a counterclaim against the players, alleging that they have breached their contracts by joining LIV Golf.

Implications for the Golf Industry

The lawsuit has significant implications for the golf industry, as it could potentially lead to changes in the way professional golf tournaments are organized and operated. If the lawsuit is successful, it could also lead to increased competition and innovation in the golf industry.

A Brewing Battle in the Golf World

The lawsuit marks a new chapter in the ongoing battle between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf. The two organizations have been at odds since LIV Golf’s launch earlier this year, and the lawsuit is likely to escalate tensions between the two sides.