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Ethical Concerns Raised Over Influence and Conflict of Interest

Conflicts of interest are the misuse, either both potential and actual of the trust that individuals trust in professionals. This is the reason why conflicts of interests not only hurt particular employers and clients and employees. But also harm professionals as a whole, by diminishing the trust people generally place in professionals.

Ethical Concerns and Calls for Reform

The issue is that Thomas’s support for these extravagant trips constitutes. As an act of conflict of interest that affects the confidence Conflict of Interest of the public of Thomas’s Supreme Court. Some are calling for stricter ethics rules to prevent repeating the same mistakes.

A History of Ethics Controversies Conflict of Interest

It’s not the only occasion that Thomas was a victim of ethical problems. As of 2011, Thomas had been accused of not being able to disclose his wife’s income from conservative groups. Recent revelations have confirmed the need for greater openness and transparency of Thomas and the Supreme Court.

The Role of Money in Politics

Conflict of Interest Influence of the financial industry on political processes is a concern for decades in the United States. With the supreme court’s Citizens United decision 2010, corporations were permitted to spend unlimited amounts of money to support elections. Increasing their influence over wealthy supporters like Harlan Crow.

A Common Man’s Perspective

The nation’s highest court decides on crucial issues such as the right to abortion gun rights, and voting rights. The public needs be aware that justices are able to make decisions based on laws. And not based on the basis of personal purchases. It’s time for Supreme Court justices to adopt stricter ethics guidelines. Reliable by the strictest standards of integrity.


The disclosure of Justice Thomas’s lavish travels, funded through Harlan Crow. Raises important concerns about the effect money can have upon the Supreme Court. As the world is watching, it’s vital that the court settle the issues raised and rebuilds public’s confidence.